Unlocking the Full Potential and Versatility of the MixPre 10


Immersing into the world of professional audio recording, one often encounters intriguingly diverse, yet dauntingly complex tools. One such versatile marvel is the MixPre-10. With its increasing popularity, it is imperative to delve deep and explore the facets of this audio powerhouse.

Understanding the MixPre-10

The MixPre-10, a product of Sound Devices, is a robust tool known for impressive audio quality and flexible use. Being a combination of a recorder, mixer, and a USB audio interface, it enables users to produce professional-grade audio content.

Key Features

The MixPre-10 possesses multifaceted high-end features, pushing the boundaries of conventional audio devices.

  1. Unparalleled Quality: Embedded with Kashmir preamps, it ensures incomparable superiority in sound quality.

  2. Versatility: From recording field audio to serving as a studio mixer or rendering audio for video production, the scope of MixPre-10 is never limited.

  3. User-friendly Interface: A well-designed UI ensures seamless navigation and effortless handling.

  4. Efficient Power Source Management: It provides multiple power source options, hence avoiding mid-session power outages.

  5. Rugged Build: Its compact, robust nature validates its ability to withstand harsh conditions.

Taking the First Step

Regardless of whether you are a newbie, an enthusiast, or a professional, the MixPre-10 tailors to the audio requirements of all. Let’s brush up the basics.

  1. Learning the Basics: Familiarizing with the buttons, knobs, and connectors on the recorder opens the first doors to the MixPre-10 dynamics.

  2. Setting Up: After powering up, synchronize your device to the appropriate date and time. The next step involves configuring the basic settings like language, brightness, AA battery type, etc.

  3. Channels Setting: To commence recording, set the desired channels for recording, and assign the knobs accordingly.

Unraveling the Advanced Features

Unveiling the MixPre-10 requires a deep understating of its meticulous, dynamic features.

1. Extended Channel Settings

By enabling extended channel settings, you gain access to features like limiter, delay, phase invert, high pass filters, and more. This gives you much more customizability over the individual channels.

2. Noise Assistance

MixPre-10 realizes impeccable audio outputs with the revolutionary Noise Assist Plugin It is an innovative feature that mitigates background noise delivering crystal clear audios.

3. Custom Modes and Presets

Customizing your MixPre-10 to fit exactly to your needs is achievable with the diverse custom modes and presets. This tailors the device according to individual requirements, ensuring maximum efficiency.

4. Wingman Integration

The MixPre-10 comes with built-in Wingman Integration, thus enabling a completely wireless user interface.

5. TimeCode Generator

Equipped with an ultra-high accuracy timecode generator, MixPre 10 offers you a precise synchronization, rendering it a comprehensive tool for video production.


With an array of rich features accented by user-friendly interface, MixPre-10 is indeed a game-changer in the realm of audio devices. Its affordability aligned with high-end performance confirms that MixPre-10 is more than just a recorder; it is the recordist’s dream manifested into reality.

Demystifying the features of MixPre-10 and using it to its utmost potential is guaranteed to bring revolutionary enhancements in your audio journey. This versatile device is thus a perfect fusion of technology, innovation, and robustness, making it a milestone in the recording universe.

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