Unleashing the Power and Potential of the M-Audio Oxygen 49 Keyboard Controller in Music Production


Metamorphosing your musical ideas into a reality is made fundamentally straightforward with the M-Audio Oxygen 49 MIDI Keyboard Controller: an ingenious tool that redefines the boundaries of music production.

Overview of the M-Audio Oxygen 49

Regarded as a masterpiece in the world of music controllers, the M-Audio Oxygen 49 is highly versatile and gives users an unrivalled level of control over their musical production. It employs a four-octave range that offers a comprehensively dense soundscape for music enthusiasts to wander in. Notably, the keyboard has 49 keys, a pitch bend, a modulation wheel, eight control sliders, and a robust host of other intriguing features.

Remarkable Design and Structure

The M-Audio Oxygen 49 sports a sleek design that embodies both aesthetics and functionality. Despite the myriad of features housed on its frame, it maintains a compact design, making it a preferred choice for producers in search of space-efficient MIDI controllers. The keys are velocity-sensitive, creating an immersive and engaging experience that mimics the feel of traditional piano keys.

Unparalleled Performance with DirectLink

One of the distinctive characteristics of the M-Audio Oxygen 49 is the DirectLink mode. This propels the keyboard’s performance, enabling automatic mapping of controls to popular DAWs such as Ableton Live, Pro Tools, and Logic Pro. Hence, scriptwriting or programming is no longer a prerequisite to optimize your music production process.

A Wealth of Control Options

With the M-Audio Oxygen 49, musical ideas can sail smoothly from your mind to your DAW. Graced with nine assignable faders, eight rotary encoders, and nine assignable buttons, a musical producer can fine-tune every micro-element of a project with precision and ease. The array of control options offered by this keyboard allows creatives to delve deeply into the world of personalization and bring their musical imagination to life.

Unique Integration with Plugin and Virtual Instruments

Easily navigate through your plugins and virtual instruments with the M-Audio Oxygen 49’s full-size keys and dedicated transport and track select buttons. This seamless integration accelerates music production by providing quick, hands-on control of your mix, thus boosting your overall productivity.

Stellar MIDI Software Compatibility

Being MIDI-compatible, the Oxygen 49 easily integrates with all major DAWs and software, eliminating compatibility frustrations. Its compatibility with computer-based music production broadens the horizon for producers, offering them unbounded creativity and flexibility.

Ease of Power and Connectivity

The Oxygen 49 operates over a simple USB connection to any computer, eliminating the need for external power cables and drivers. Setting it up is remarkably easy, and within minutes, you can start putting your creative imagination into action.


Deciphering the realm of music production necessitates tools that can encompass the continuously expanding landscape of digital creativity. The M-Audio Oxygen 49 is an embodiment of such tools. Its extensive set of features, impressive performance, and outstanding compatibility set it apart from other MIDI keyboards, making it a tremendous ally for both amateur and professional music producers.

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