The Comprehensive Guide to Novation Zero SL MKII


Novation Zero SL MKII stands as a paragon in the realm of MIDI controllers, ingeniously designed with a striking feature set that fascinates music professionals and enthusiasts alike. This comprehensive guide details the potential of this cutting-edge device in delivering exceptional musical experiences.

Unraveling the Essence of Novation Zero SL MKII

Prominently known for its authenticity and precise control, Novation Zero SL MKII leverages the innovative Automap technology that sets it apart from its contemporaries. The feature offers a seamless connection between physical controls and software parameters, thereby providing enhanced control to users in creating mesmerizing rhythms.

Distinctive Features that Make Novation Zero SL MKII Stand Out

Ergonomic Design: The aesthetics of the Novation Zero SL MKII have been meticulously designed, rendering an irresistible appeal to the device. The illuminated controls inform you of the assigned parameters, hence catering to easier and spontaneous workflow.

Customizable Mapping: With 56 knobs, faders, and buttons, the Novation Zero SL MKII offers optimum control of your music software. Moreover, the speed dial allows immediate access to any unassigned parameter under the cursor.

Innovative Automap 4 Control Software: Automap 4, the evolved incarnation of Novation’s revolutionary software control, comes included with the Zero SL MKII. This novel software eliminates any need for convoluted MIDI mappings, thus ensuring an unhindered musical journey.

Utilizing the Power of Novation Zero SL MKII: Tips and Tricks

Proficient use of the Novation Zero SL MKII can enlighten your musical endeavours. Here are some productive tips that you can adopt in your routine:

Employing the Touch-sensitive Controls: The touch-sensitive controls of the Novation Zero SL MKII immediately come to life when touched, offering you detailed feedback about the assigned parameters.

Balancing the Faders: Balancing the faders is an essential practice that adds depth to your music. In Novation Zero SL MKII, the faders have been meticulously designed for a linear, smooth action, allowing precise and controlled transitions.

Venturing beyond Conventional Boundaries with Music Software

The Novation Zero SL MKII is not just hardwired towards certain music parameters. Instead, it stands as a versatile addition to your music software, providing comprehensive control and an enhanced interface to work with.

In-depth Review of the Novation Zero SL MKII

When considering a MIDI controller, it is crucial to gauge its performance in real-world scenarios. This section discusses various aspects of the Novation Zero SL MKII.

Performance Quality: The Novation Zero SL MKII exhibits remarkable performance with its touch-responsive knobs and faders. The immediate mapping of controls to software parameters ensures seamless workflow and enrichesa musician’s experience.

Interface and Usability: With its intuitive design and user interface, the Novation Zero SL MKII offers easy navigation, making it approachable for both novices and professionals.


Venturing into the intricate world of music, the Novation Zero SL MKII is a robust addition that transforms your music creation process. With its unique featureset and excellent control possibilities, it offers unmatched flexibility and power, making it an indispensable asset for music enthusiasts and professionals worldwide.

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