7 Essential Tips for Mastering the Arturia Keylab 61: A Complete Guide for Unraveling Your Creativity


Arturia Keylab 61, a titan in the domain of music production, is a multifaceted controller keyboard. It merges the prowess of Arturia’s software with a solid and elegant hardware interface. This all-inclusive guide will delve into the Keylab 61, illuminating its functionalities, attributes, and how to amplify its power in your music production journey.

Comprehending the Arturia Keylab 61

The Arturia Keylab 61 transcends being merely a MIDI controller. It is an all-encompassing controller that provides a deep experience for musicians, producers, and sound designers. Its package includes Arturia’s award-winning Analog Lab software, offering access to a vast array of high-quality sounds.

Arturia Keylab 61

Principal Features of the Arturia Keylab 61

  1. Diverse Control Interface: The Keylab 61 boasts an array of control options such as 61 semi-weighted keys with aftertouch, 16 backlit pads, various rotary encoders, and faders. This diversity ensures complete control over your music production process.

  2. Robust Software Integration: The Keylab 61 flawlessly integrates with Arturia’s Analog Lab software, offering more than 6,000 sounds from their V Collection of vintage synths and keyboards.

  3. Rugged Construction: Designed to endure the demands of live performances and studio sessions, the Keylab 61’s robust and sleek construction makes it reliable and durable.

Unlocking the Power of the Arturia Keylab 61

Familiarizing yourself with the features of the Arturia Keylab 61 is merely scratching the surface. To truly exploit its capabilities, it’s crucial to understand its functionalities and incorporate it effectively into your workflow.

Setting Up the Arturia Keylab 61

The setup process for the Keylab 61 is simple and direct. Equipped with a USB port for easy computer connection, it is compatible with all major DAWs making it an ideal fit for any studio setup.

Exploring the Analog Lab Software

The Analog Lab software is a gold mine of sounds. With instant access to over 6,000 presets from Arturia’s acclaimed V Collection, you have a world of vintage synths and classic keyboards at your fingertips.

With its broad range of control options, the Keylab 61 empowers you to fine-tune your sounds with precision. The semi-weighted keys deliver a reactive and expressive playing experience, while the backlit pads are perfect for drum programming and sample triggering. You can learn more about this in our mastering the key midi keyboard the ultimate guide.

Customizing Mappings

A standout feature of the Keylab 61 is its ability to create custom mappings. This feature allows you to tailor the control surface to your unique workflow, boosting your efficiency and productivity.


The Arturia Keylab 61 is a flexible and powerful controller that provides an unparalleled level of control and integration. By understanding its functionalities and effectively incorporating it into your workflow, you can fully unlock its potential and elevate your music production.

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